Nike Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes” filled with Holy Water Sold For $4K

A pair of Nike Air Max 97 labelled as the “Jesus Shoes” are on sale for the price of $4000. The shoes were revamped by a Brooklyn based creative arts company, MSCHF and they made some changes to the original Nike Air Max 97 by adding a golden Jesus on a crucifix as a shoelace charm and added the Holy Water from River Jordan which was blessed by a priest in Brooklyn in the soles of the shoes.

The company head of commerce told in an interview that they bought the original Nike Air Max 97 for the original price of $160 and added a few changes to the pair of sneakers before listing it online for the price of $1,425. According to him, the pair of the “Jesus Shoes” was sold within a minute of its listing on the website.

The buyer then listed Jesus Shoes on a resale website, StockX for $4,000. MSCHF does not personally know who the buyer is but they are aware that their product is listed on a resale website.

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