FedEx partners with Walgreens to ease online returns

The popular Logistics and Shipping company FedEx have partnered up with Walgreens to make the returns of online good much easier for the customers. The new agreement between the companies will allow the customers to drop off their online returns at Walgreens store all over the country. This is an extension of the partnership between the two companies which started in 2017 when Walgreens announced to offer drop-off and pickup services at its U.S. stores.

FedEx already has a similar program called FedEx Returns Technology that is available across the 1,900 FexEx outlets across the country and now it will be also available on thousands of Walgreens store nationwide. FedEx Returns Technology involves vendors and retailers to send customers a return code that the customers can take to the Walgreens store to get it printed for the return label.

FedEx will provide the printing equipment and other related stuff to the Walgreens store across the country. Walgreens employees will also be given training as they will be the one to do the printing.

This new partnership will make it easier for the customer as most people don’t have a printer available just for printing a label and it is much easier to take the returns to the store instead of shipping it themselves.

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